Tuesday, April 28, 2009


I have never really been a Police hater. I have had a few run-ins with the police. Nothing serious. I have also had some good experiences with Police where they helped in times of need.

I'm not about to say the only good cop is a dead cop but I have had a fresh look at the nasty side of the Filth. I'd like to say peace to my Homie Ari. This post is dedicated to you.

"On the count of three say Fuck the police, 1,2,3.....

01 fuck the police-street
02 fuck the police-clean
03 fuck the police-instrumental
04 move-street
05 move-clean
06 move-instrumental

Yeah Fuck Em

Thursday, April 9, 2009

A Romantic At Heart

Yes, you will be aware of my hardcore ghetto credentials from just a brief perusal of this blog. I am however, a romantic Rapnerd too.

Due to the fact that my lady is leaving to go traveling for some time to the rugged world of Central and South America, I have chosen to post some of my favorite romantic Hip Hop videos. Some don't have videos, sorry.

Here is my Top 10 Dedecated to the love of my life, in reverse order.

10 - Lots Of Lovin - Pete Rock and CL Smooth. A classic piece of cheese that might send you crackers.

Pete Rock & Cl Smooth ~ Lots of Lovin

9 - Tonite's Da Nite - Redman. Thug Lovin in it's highest form.

8 - Simon Says - Pharoahe Monch. "Yeah, I said it, Rub on your titties!"

7 - Prince Charming - Brother Ali. Sorry no Video but she loves this one so much and I always thought of myself as quite the prince charming!

6 - Camay - Ghostface Killah. "Oh you sexy mutha F%&#% God Damn what's the recipe, you make a N*&$# wanna...GOD DAMN!"

5 - Dry Cry - Sizzla. Not Hip Hop. No Video. Who cares! Big Tune!

4 - Ms Fat Booty - MOS DEF. "Ass so fat that you can see it from the front!"

3 - Witness - Roots Manuva. Funny Video. Witness the fitness!

2 - I'll Be There For You - Method Man FT Mary J Blige. What more can I say?

1 - The Light - Common. Yes, you are my light.

To My Light! I'll miss you.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


For the wacktose intolerant here is a little treat. Not Harvey but Milk Dee!

Ever since I heard Audio 2 - Top Billin and the infectious voice screaming all over that joint I was a fan of Milk.
Milk Dee, older brother to another old school favorite of mine MC Lyte, started off in Audio Two with his brother DJ Gizmo.

While the early Audio Two stuff was nice my favorite was the 1994 release "Never Dated". This EP was released under the name Milk, featuring Ad Rock from the Beasties had some super dope tunes on it.

Spam was the track with Ad Rock, "Fire, my voice gets higher and higher (voice cracks), you said I'm not the man, ya God damn liar!". I love the simple beat and back and forth between 'This white boy' and 'This black guy'

I do like all the tracks on this EP but my favorite by far is "Go to Hell!" This track really shows Milk Dee for me. He is so cock sure that he doesn't even rhyme most of the lyrics. Funny coz when I was rocking it a lot as a kid, my friend said, 'That's nice but he doesn't even make the lyrics rhyme' like it was a bad thing!
That simply made me like it even more and worry about my listening skills because I didn't actually reailise that his shit wasn't rhyming. The way he drops his lyrics is so dope I never even thought that he needed to make it rhyme.

"Ask Me How Thick" has the classic line, for me at least, "I gets papes daily, every day".

For the rapnerds this is classic business. I found the EP and then Drizzle/Agnew found the Spam 12" for me later so I will add that for you lucky listeners. I am still looking for the "Get Off My Log" 12 however!

Milk - Never Dated

01 Intro
02 Get Off My Log
03 Laid & Paid II
04 Spam
05 Rude and Cocky
06 Go To Hell
07 Ask ME How Thick
08 Don't Blow Smoke
09 Get Off My Log Rmx

Milk Ft The King Ad Rock - Spam 12"

01 Spam Radio Version
02 Spam Original Version
03 Spam Original Instrumental
04 Spam Remix
05 Spam Remix Instrumental
06 Spam Acappella

Here are some dope interviews for further reading.

Interview 1 - Riot Sound

Interview 2 - Fat Lace