Saturday, May 30, 2015

Crossover 12" of the Day: Total - Can't You See

Total - Can't You See 12"

A1   Can't You See (Vocal)
         Featuring - Notorious B.I.G.
A2   Can't You See (Instrumental)
B1   Can't You See (No Rap Vocal)
B2   Can't You See (TV Track)

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Friday, May 29, 2015

12" of the Day: Kilo Parker ‎- Bownz Ta Diz

Kilo Parker ‎- Bownz Ta Diz 12"

A1   Bownz Ta Diz (Radio Edit)
A2   Bownz Ta Diz (Street Edit)

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Thursday, May 28, 2015

12" of the Day: No Screws ‎- Startin' From Scratch EP

No Screws ‎- Startin' From Scratch EP

A1   Bus Town Groove (Radio)
A2   Roll Wit Me (Radio)
A3   Bus Town Groove (Acapella Radio)
B1   Hard Lesson (Radio)
B2   Trust None (Street)
B3   Young Hog (Street)

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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Can-con Part 21

Rascalz ‎- Movie Star 12"

A   Movie Star (Radio Version Clean)
B   Movie Star (Instrumental)

Gimme dat beat fool

Jelleestone - Who Dat Promo 12"

A1   Who Dat (Squeaky)
         Featuring – Elephant Man
A2   Who Dat (Acapella)
         Featuring – Elephant Man
A3   Who Dat (Instrumental)
B1   Balance (Squeaky)
         Featuring – J-Ro & Saukrates
B2   Balance (Main Mix)
         Featuring – J-Ro & Saukrates
B3   Balance (Acapella)
         Featuring – J-Ro & Saukrates
B4   Balance (Instrumental)

Gimme dat beat fool

Malicious - Heavy M-T-L 12"

A1   Heavy M-T-L (Heavy Metal) (Clean)
A2   Heavy M-T-L (Heavy Metal) (Explicit)
A3   Heavy M-T-L (Heavy Metal) (Instrumental)
A4   Heavy M-T-L (Heavy Metal) (Acapella)
B1   Yuk (Clean)
B2   Yuk (Explicit)
B3   Yuk (Instrumental)
B4   Yuk (Acapella

Gimme dat beat fool

Organik - Triple Blasted 12"

A1   Triple Blasted (Radio Edit)
         Featuring – CheckMate & Concise
A2   Triple Blasted (Instrumental)
A3   Triple Blasted (Acapella)
         Featuring – CheckMate & Concise
B1   ÔTeam (Radio Edit)
         Featuring – Kia Kadiri
B2   ÔTeam
         Featuring – Kia Kadiri
B3   ÔTeam (Instrumental)
B4   ÔTeam (Acapella)
         Featuring – Kia Kadiri

Gimme dat beat fool

RaggaDeath - Dance With The Devil Promo 12"

A1   Dance With The Devil (Album Version)
A2   Dance With The Devil (DJ Lethal Remix)
A3   Dance With The Devil (Devil's Banquet Remix)
A4   Dance With The Devil (Hypothetical Remix)
B1   Dance With The Devil (DJ Slick Remix)
B2   Unity Version
B3   Negative
B4   God Bless

Gimme dat beat fool

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Can-con Part 20

Tef & Don ‎– Girls, Girls 12"

A1   Girls, Girls (Album Version)
A2   Girls, Girls (Radio Edit)
A3   Girls, Girls (Instrumental)
B1   Wil' Out (Radio Edit)
B2   Wil' Out (Instrumental)

Try before you buy!

Snakeyez ‎– Ya Ready? 12"

A1   Ya Ready?
A2   Ya Ready? (Instrumental)
B1   2 Ill
B2   2 Ill (Instrumental)

Try before you buy!

Anger Management Program - Seventh Sign 12"

A1   A.M.P. Anthem (Dirty)
A2   Seventh Sign... (Dirty)
A3   Seventh Sign... (Clean)
A4   Seventh Sign... (Instrumental)
B1   Today Yesterday (Radio)
B2   Today Yesterday (Instrumental)
B3   Today Yesterday (T.V. Track)
B4   A.M.P. Anthem (Instrumental)
B5   A.M.P. (Ampapella)

Try before you buy!

Various ‎Artists - Embassy In The Booth Vinyl Singles EP

A1   Lyrical Grand Preacher - Skillz
A2   AXMAN - How It Go
B1   J-Note - The Weekend
         Featuring – AXMAN, D.U.C. & Jamo Da Barber
B2   J-Note - I Want You Know

Try before you buy!

Pocket Dwellers ‎- PD-Atrics Album Sampler EP

A1   Trust Us
A2   Electrify
         Featuring – G-Knight
A3   Peep The Lesson
B1   Got Faith?
B2   Stop
B3   Play This Music!
         Featuring – Phatt Al

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Can-con Part 19

Kardinal Offishall - Belly Dancer Promo 12"

A1   Belly Dancer (Radio Edit)
A2   Belly Dancer (Instrumental)
B1   Belly Dancer (Album Version)
B2   Belly Dancer (Acapella)

Try before you buy!

Rick Thret ‎- We De Crew 12"

A1   Iron Shirt
A2   Breath Of Life
A3   Iron Shirt (Instrumental)
B1   Talk Magic
B2   Supplies
B3   Breath Of Life (Instrumental)

Try before you buy!

Triznain ‎- Untitled EP

A1   Put It Up (Radio)
A2   China Doll (Radio)
         Featuring – Elle
A3   Thug World (Radio)
B1   Daily Routine (Radio)
B2   Triznain (Radio)
B3   Out Da Staircases (Radio)
         Featuring – Imperial & Northside Riders

Try before you buy!

Different Shadez Of Black - Untitled EP

A1   Echo
A2   Man Enough
B1   4 U
         Featuring – MC Collizhun
B2   U Know How We Stay

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The Unit Featuring St8ofmind - Play Your Position 12"

A1   Play Your Position
A2   Play Your Position (Radio)
A3   Play Your Position (Instrumental)
A4   Can't Lose
B1   You Don't Know Who You Made War With
B2   You Don't Know Who You Made War With (Instrumental)
B3   The Peelas

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Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Can-con Part 18

Rascalz - Can't Relate 12"

A1   Can't Relate (Clean)
         Featuring – The Beatnuts
A2   Can't Relate (Street)
         Featuring – The Beatnuts
A3   Can't Relate (Instrumental)
B1   On The Run (Clean)
B2   On The Run (Street)
B3   On The Run (Instrumental)

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Rascalz, Kardinal Offishall, Thrust, Choclair & CheckMate - Northern Touch Promo 12"

A1   Northern Touch
A2   Northern Touch (Clean Version)
B1   Northern Touch (Instrumental)
B2   Northern Touch (Acapella)

Try before you buy!

Dream Warriors - Day In Day Out 12"

A1   Day In Day Out (Album Version)
A2   Day In Day Out (Da Day After Remix)
B1   Day In Day Out (Shanai Remix)
B2   Day In Day Out (One Day In The Funk Remix)

Try before you buy!

Solitair - Streets On Fire 12"

A1   Streets On Fire (Clean)
A2   Streets On Fire (Street)
A3   Streets On Fire (Instrumental)
B1   Blindside (Street)
         Featuring – Marvel, Ro Dolla & Saukrates
B2   Blindside (Instrumental)
B3   Streets On Fire (Acapella)

Try before you buy!

Kardinal Offishall - Empty Barrel 12"

A1   Empty Barrel (Ching Chong Riddim Clean)
         Featuring – Blessed
A2   Bust Di Dance (Celebration Riddim Clean)
A3   Lay Lay (Fiesta Riddim Clean)
B1   Empty Barrel (Ching Chong Riddim Dirty)
         Featuring – Blessed
B2   Bust Di Dance (Celebration Riddim Dirty)
B3   Lay Lay (Fiesta Riddim Dirty)

Try before you buy!