Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Wire Mixes Pt IV 'The Game Is Rigged'

The Game Is Rigged

The most recent of the wire mixes features Bodie 'I ain't goin nowhere, this is MY corner' Broades. Bodie has so many good lines in the series it was hard to find the right ones for the mix. He was one smart ass pawn for sure but it was a great shame that he never made it to be the king.

"I do it much better with twohands" - Bodie Brodaus

The Game Is Rigged

01 - Prove It (Feat. Guilty Simpson) - Foreign Beggars
02 - Top Rank - Sean Price
03 - About Me - Raekwon
04 - Bad Mufucker Pt 2 - Brother Ali
05 - 2004 Beat Original - Damu The Fudgemunk
06 - Rap Ambush - DOOM
07 - Think About It - O.C & A.G
08 - Oh Really (Feat. Talib Kweli) - KRS-One And Buckshot
09 - Shallow and Hollow - Reef The Lost Cauze
10 - Nobody Likes Me - Ed O.G, Diamond D & Kaze
11 - Woodstock (Feat. M.O.P) - Slaughterhouse
12 - Things Ain't The Same - Masta Killa
13 - Big Deal (Instrumental) - Reef The Lost Cauze
14 - Critically Acclaimed (Feat Lil Fame, Saigon, Sean Price) - Statik Selektah
15 - NY Times (Feat, Godfather) - Kool G Rap

artwork by Matt Lloyd: desastre.co.uk
Part 5 of the wire mixes is coming soon. Can you guess the character?

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Got Mo Fierce

The Wire mixes PT III - Got Mo Fierce.

Slim Charles was a reletively small part in 'The Wire' but he was there from start to finnish unlike most of my other favorite characters. A man who knew to move with the times. This was called 'Sewing MAchine' due to the quote I found for the beginning. Now it's called 'Jus Got Mo Fierce'.

01 - Heltah Skeltah - The Art of Disrespekinazation
02 - Sadat X Feat KRS-One & Rahzel -Blow Up Da Spot
03 - Chester P - Suicide Switch
04 - Real Live - Real Live Sh__t
05 - Kid Cudi Feat Wale - Is There Any Love
06 - Cool Kids - Blackmags
07 - Ramson Badbonez - Blackmags Remix
08 - Phil Anastasia ft. Inspectah Deck & Sean Price - Symphonies
09 - Dark Sun Riders Feat Brother J - Dark Sun Riders
10 - Defari Feat Dialated - Behold My Life
11 - Busta Rhymes Feat Lil Fame - The Game Room
12 - Vast Aire - Tipping Dominoes
13 - Redman & Method Man - Dangerous MC's
14 - Az Feat The RZA - Doe Or Die Remix
15 - klashnekoff ft. Skriblah & Kyza - Sayonara

artwork by Matt Lloyd: desastre.co.uk

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

A Code

A Man Gotta Have a Code.

The second in my series of 'The Wire' mixes sees the finest of Baltimores natural police, The Bunk. The Bunk is strictly a suit n tie mutha fucka but he can mix it with the best of em.

  1. MVP - Ludacris
  2. Dearly Departed - DJ Babu Feat - M.O.P
  3. M.U.G - O.C - Feat Freddie Foxx
  4. A Million And 1 Budda Spots - Redman
  5. It's Getting Hot - Artifacts
  6. Down For The Kaz - Kazi
  7. Violatin - Count Bass D
  8. Yeah - Keith Murry Feat Busta Rhymes, Redman, Erick Sermon and Jamal
  9. Hurricane - The Roots Feat Common and Mos Def
  10. Me-O-Mi_o (Remix) - Casual
  11. The Return Of Iron Man - Ghostface Killah
  12. Get Er Done - Jake One Feat MF Doom
  13. Dope Boy Fresh - Jay Z
  14. Dumb Girl - Run DMC
  15. Red Pill - Vast Aire Feat Karniege
  16. Step Off - A Trak Feat Little Brother
  17. The Matrix - Black Milk Feat Pharoahe Monch Sean Price DJ Premier

artwork by Matt Lloyd: desastre.co.uk

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Wire Mixes Re Up Pt I

The Re-Up

It's a time for giving and at Christmas we all love to try to give away things that we have tried to give away before. So here are The Wire mixes from the last year or so. Yes, I am slow at doing them. I wish I could blame it on being a perfectionist but a few listens to the mixes will put paid to that theory. So, I have had a few requests to re them up and I am a generous soul.

Not only are they reed up but they are re mastered and they come with fresh new covers. What could be better.

I will add one mix every day till Christmas, kinna like an advent calender with Lil Fame and MF Doom behind the windows screaming at you about glocks and vats of urine.

The first mix is "Best Not Miss" The famous advice our main character, Omar, gave to Weebay about what happens when you come at the king. This was called 'Slow Flow' but we all listened to Stringer Bell's advice and are renaming our product. This was the first Wire mix. Part II tomorrow.

Best Not Miss

Track List

1 Mr.Slow Flow - Evidence
2 Snap Yo Fingaz (Instra) - Lil Jon
3 Fuck The Law - Dead Prez
4 Roc-A-Fella Billionaires - Freeway feat Jay Z
5 Gold Chain Music - Bumrush Brothers
6 At Your Door - Clipse Feat Roscoe P, Coldchain and Pharrell.
7 The Riddler - Methodman.
8 Beef - Mos Def
9 Come On Baby - Saigon
10 Hustle On - Keith Murray
11 Badman - Murs
12 Greenery - Quasimoto
13 Good Clothes - Little Brother
14 State Of Grace - Raekwon

artwork by Matt Lloyd: desastre.co.uk

Saturday, December 5, 2009

More Twelve Inch Droppings

LL Cool J - Imagine That 12''
Head straight to the B-Side & don't look back

Little Brother - ...And Justus For All EP
Includes instrumentals!

Keith Murray - Rare Joints & Remixes EP
One or two ya might not have...

Just-Ice - History 12''

Juju & Bloody Moon - Aaahhhhh Punch You In The Face! 12''
AAAHHHHH it's the Nut!

Grand Agent - Every Five Minutes 12''
GA is nice. Lord Finesse on the B.

Erykah Badu - On & On Remix 12''
Same remix on Vinroc & Shortkut's classic "So Much Soul"

Ed O.G. - Work For It 12''
Edo definitely works for it and gets help from PR

Deams - The Legacy EP
Gang Starr posse w/ De La Soul, Jeru, Ice-T, etc.

Audio Two - On The Road Again 12''
Get Your Mother Off The Crack!

DJ Zeph - Shake It Down 12''
Boots Riley on A, Lyrics Born on B, acapellas for both

'My Head Nearly Exploded'


I just got this posted on my facebook page. I felt it was worthy of the rapnerds.