Tuesday, September 14, 2010

DOOM Lyrics 1

As you might well know, we are big fans of DOOM. What rapnerd in his right mind doesn't like a rapper who makes star trek references and talks about Genie Garofalo? Not us.

So what would be fun? Yes, you guessed it. We are gonna go through some DOOM albums and pull out some of our favorite lyrics. Not all our favorites as that would be too much and we never do too much. So to start us off I have looked at the Dangerdoom album - 'Mouse In The Mask' and have picked some of my favorite lines.

The idea being that then you can add your favorite lyrics that did not get mentioned.

Danger Doom - The Mouse in the Mask

“Chew a MC like El Chupa Nibre
Digest a group and sell the poop on eBay”
- El Chupa Nibre

“Rappers suck, when they spit I doubt 'em
The crap they sing about you'll wanna slap the {fuckin shit} out 'em
” - El Chupa Nibre

"Scared of a bunch of water, then get out the rain
Order a rapper for lunch and spit out the chain”
- Sofa King

“This was when the mask was brand spanking new
Before it got rusted from drinking all the brew
[Sniff] Stankin' too, pew”
- Sofa King

“One two for me G, cut the cranky attitude
Wet 'em like a handkerchief, or a stanky fatter dude”
- The Mask

“Aiy! If I may interject
Rap these days is like a pain up in the neck
Cornier and phonier than a play fight
Take two of these and don't phone me on the late night”
- Benzie Box

“And since when lyrical skills had to do with killin a cat?
What type of chitlins is that?”
- Old School

“Shrink said he thinks he believe he could fly
Spread his wings and flap like a goose
He'll show you how to do it if you help him get the straps loose”
- Basket Case

“So now they got me down here near the dungeon
Nurses all arguin' over who's to do the spongin”
- Basket Case

“Even if it's crap, mind your own business
They raps ain't got no gift like a lonely Christmas”
- No Names

“The mirror shine reflect colors like your CD's
Show love to others, we all brothers like the Bee Gees”
- No Names

“Come clean, a bunch of dumb mean cream puffs
A keen drum machine buff, who fiends for more green stuff”
- Crosshairs

“A true nerd who messed with new words since Boggle
... And used slang in Scrabble”
- Mince Meat

“Welcome to the show
Remember whatever you do, do not boo the flow”
- Mince Meat

“Sounded like froggy, sip the groggiest of potions
Be up in the party with the foggiest of notions”
- Mince Meat

“Until they head hurts - when it come to wreck
Crews is like them dudes in red shirts off Star Trek”
- Space Ho’s

“Then gave him a cold shoulder for a hour
And told him take a gold shower, for fakin funk, soul power
... stocky, short and cocky
Looked like Apollo Creed after he fought with Rocky”
- Bada Bing

“Called up my lady, told her baby it's slim
Make me up a margarita I need to take a swim
Tell them kids remember school - if they let 'em out, cool
But get the hell from out the pool”
- Bada Bing

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pure bloggery

Do yourself a favor and check out http://elmattic.podbean.com/
No dope ass crossword puzzles, but some very funny writing & hip-hop nerdery.

Anyone who rates Prince Paul is a friend of the nerds!

images straight jacked from http://elmattic.podbean.com/

Saturday, September 4, 2010

And another one

Big props to Two Hands for getting the crossword thing rollin

Here's my first go - get 'er done or get the dilz!

Friday, September 3, 2010