Friday, March 27, 2015

Can-con Part 12

Asassini - Visions 12"

A1   Visions (Radio)
         Featuring – C.L.A.S. & Delta
A2   Visions (Instrumental)
A3   Visions (Acapella)
         Featuring – C.L.A.S. & Delta
B1   Rap Sheet (Street Mix)
         Featuring – C.L.A.S.
B2   Rap Sheet (Instrumental)

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Different Shades Of Black - Think It Through 12"

A1   Think It Through
A2   Status Climbers
A3   Comprehension
B1   Think It Through (Instrumental)
B2   Status Climbers (Instrumental)
B3   Comprehension (Instrumental)
B4   Comprehension (Acapella)

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Dub Ill - Airtight 12"

A1   Airtight (Clean)
A2   Airtight (Dirty)
A3   Airtight (Instrumental)
B1   Nut N Nice (Clean)
B2   Nut N Nice (Dirty)
B3   Nut N Nice (Instrumental)

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Myster Phayze - That's My Nigga Promo 12"

A1   That`s My Nigga (Dirty)
A2   That`s My Nigga (Clean)
A3   That`s My Nigga (Instrumental)
B1   Station ID (Album Version)
         Featuring – J Brass
B2   Station ID (Instrumental)

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20-BLO-Bushlife - Cold Streets-Listen-Are We On The Air 12"

A1   20-Blo - Cold Streets
A2   20-Blo Cold Streets (Instrumental)
A3   Colin Out & Prestige – Listen
B1   Bushlife Are We On The Air
B2   Bushlife Are We On The Air (Instrumental)
B3   Colin Out & Prestige - Listen (Instrumental)

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