Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Can-con Part 17

Thrust - The One And Only 12"

A1   The One And Only (Main)
A2   The One And Only (Instrumental)

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Saukrates-Choclair - Father Time-Twenty One Years 12"

A1   Saukrates - Father Time
A2   Saukrates - Father Time (Radio Edit)
A3   Saukrates - Father Time (Instrumental)
A4   Saukrates - Father Time (Acapella)
B1   Choclair - Twenty One Years (Radio Edit)
         Featuring – K.C. Thomas
B2   Choclair - Twenty One Years (Instrumental)
B3   Saukrates - Father Time (Remix)
         Featuring – DJ Grouch
B4   Saukrates - Father Time (Remix Bonus Beat)

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Melanie Durrant - Pop 12"

A1   Pop (Clean Radio Edit)
         Featuring – J Diggz
A2   Pop (Clean Radio Edit)
A3   Pop (Instrumental)
A4   Pop (Acapella)
B1   My Way (Clean Radio Edit)
B2   Bang Bang (Remix Clean Radio Edit)
         Featuring – Kardinal Offishall
B3   Bang Bang (Remix Clean Radio Edit)
         Featuring – Sans Pression

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Concise - Fame 12"

A1   Fame (Radio)
         Scratches – DJ Revolution
A2   Fame (Original)
         Scratches – DJ Revolution
A3   Fame (Instrumental)
B1   Night Life (Radio)
         Featuring – Checkmate
B2   Night Life (Original)
         Featuring – Checkmate
B3   Night Life (Instrumental)

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HDV - Secret 12"

A1   Secret (The Advance Remix)
A2   Secret (Original Mix)
B1   Secret (The Power Move Mix)
B2   Secret (The Power Move Instrumental)

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Can-con Part 16

Rascalz - Top Of The World 12"

A1   Top Of The World (Video Mix)
         Featuring – Barrington Levy & K-OS
A2   Top Of The World (Saukrates Remix Clean)
         Featuring – Barrington Levy & K-OS
A3   Top Of The World (Saukrates Remix Instrumental)
B1   Top Of The World (Kemo's Yard Mix Clean)
         Featuring – Barrington Levy & Jahfus
B2   Top Of The World (Kemo's Yard Mix Dirty)
         Featuring – Barrington Levy & Jahfus
B3   Top Of The World (Sly & Robbie Remix)
         Featuring – Barrington Levy & K-OS

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Saukrates - Hate Runs Deep 12"

A1   Hate Runs Deep (Radio Edit)
A2   Hate Runs Deep (Album Version)
A3   Hate Runs Deep (Instrumental)
B1   Hate Runs Deep (Remix)
B2   Hate Runs Deep (Remix Instrumental)
B3   Get Touched (Bonus Track)

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Saukrates & Kardinal Offishall-Defenders Of The Faith ‎- Doin' It-Metropolis 12"

A1   Saukrates & Kardinal Offishall - Doin' It (Original)
A2   Saukrates & Kardinal Offishall - Doin' It (Radio)
A3   Saukrates & Kardinal Offishall - Doin' It (Instrumental)
B1   Defenders Of The Faith - Metropolis (Original)
B2   Defenders Of The Faith - Metropolis (Radio)
B3   Defenders Of The Faith - Metropolis (Instrumental)

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Social Deviantz-CIA - Sol's Favrit Beat-Hydroponic Funk 12"

A1   Social Deviantz - Sol's Favrit (Remix)
A2   Social Deviantz - Sol's Ain't Heard It Yet
A3   Social Deviantz - Sol's Favrit (Remix Instrumental)
A4   Social Deviantz - Sol's Favrit (Remix Acapella)
B1   CIA - Hydroponic Funk
B2   CIA - Crime Rhyme
B3   CIA - $ I'm Makin

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Tha Woodsmen-Blitz Pachino - Shiver-Revenge 12"

A1   Tha Woodsmen - Shiver (Dirty)
A2   Tha Woodsmen - Shiver (Radio)
A3   Tha Woodsmen - Shiver (Instrumental)
B1   Blitz Pachino - Revenge (Dirty)
B2   Blitz Pachino - Revenge (Radio)
B3   Blitz Pachino - Revenge (Instrumental)

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Can-con Part 15

General - Do 4 Self EP

A1   Don't Tell
         Featuring – Toya Alexis
A2   Don't Tell (TV Mix)
A3   Look Around (Bonus)
B1   W.A.R. (Clean)
B2   W.A.R. (TV Mix)
B3   Look Around (TV Mix)

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Choclair - What It Takes Remix 12"

A1   What It Takes (Remix Clean)
A2   What It Takes (Remix Instrumental)
B1   What It Takes (Clean)
B2   Just A Second (Remix Clean)
         Featuring – Tara Chase
B3   Just A Second (Remix Instrumental)

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Melanie Durrant - Bang Bang 12"

A1   Bang Bang
         Featuring – Kardinal Offishall
A2   Bang Bang (No Rap)
A3   Bang Bang (Instrumental)
A4   Bang Bang (Acapella)
         Featuring – Kardinal Offishall
B1   Same Ol' Thang (Album)
B2   Same Ol' Thang (Radio)
B3   Let Me (Remix)
         Featuring – Kardinal Offishall

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Frek Sho - Patience EP

A1   Patience
A2   Producers Cut
B1   Playing With Emotions (Patience RMX)
B2   Shadow

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Saukrates - Sumthin' For Da Streetz 12"

A1   Sumthin For Da Streetz (Clean)
A2   Sumthin For Da Streetz (Dirty)
A3   Sumthin For Da Streetz (Instrumental)
A4   Sumthin For Da Streetz (Acapella)
B1   Comin' Up (Clean)
B2   Comin' Up (Dirty)
B3   Comin' Up (Instrumental)
B4   Comin' Up (Acapella)

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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

12" of the day: Totally Insane - Backstreet Life

Totally Insane ‎- Backstreet Life 12"

A1   Backstreet Life (Remix)
A2   Backstreet Life (Album)
B1   Total Insanity
         Featuring – Dre Dog & Hennesy
B2   Playaz And Hustlaz
         Featuring – 11/5

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Monday, April 13, 2015

12" of the day: Rockiem Joiner - We Gotta Polly

Rockiem Joiner - We Gotta Polly 12"

A1   We Gotta Polly (Radio)
         Featuring - Jimmy Crooks
A2   We Gotta Polly (Instrumental)
A3   We Gotta Polly (Accapella)
         Featuring - Jimmy Crooks
B1   Gimme A Chance (Trackmaster Mix)
B2   Gimme A Chance (Instrumental)
B3   Gimme A Chance (Base Drum Mix)

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Sunday, April 12, 2015

12" of the day: Quick Draw ‎- Forget About It

Quick Draw ‎- Forget About It 12"

A1   Livin´ In This (Republic Of Thug Shit)
A2   ForgetAboutIt
         Featuring – Malik B.
B1   Livin In This (Radio Edit)
B2   ForgetAboutIt (Radio Edit)
         Featuring – Malik B.

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Saturday, April 11, 2015

12" of the day: Various ‎Artists - 5th Ward (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) EP

Various ‎Artists - 5th Ward (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) EP

A1   Willie D - 5th Ward (Radio)
A2   Willie D - 5th Ward (Street)
A3   Willie D - 5th Ward (Instrumental With Hooks)
A4   Willie D - 5th Ward (Instrumental Without Hooks)
B1   Lil' Keke & Willie D - We Bust Back
B2   DJ Screw - One Life To Live
         Featuring - Al-D, Grace & Wood
B3   Botany Boys - Cloverland

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Friday, April 10, 2015

12" of the day: Swoop G ‎- Not To Be Faded EP

Swoop G ‎- Not To Be Faded EP

A1   Call Me (Radio Mix)
         Featuring - Dee Dee
A2   Not To Be Faded (Radio Mix)
A3   Simpin Ain't The Pimp (Radio Mix)
         Featuring - Poppa LQ
B1   Gangsta In California
B2   Tha Mob
         Featuring - 3x Krazy, Cydal, Knucklehead & Luniz
B3   Gangsta Shit Pt.2
         Featuring - Bart, JT The Bigga Figga & T-Luni

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Re-Up: Devin The Dude - It's A Shame Promo 12"

I'm not sure what happened the first time I posted this, but apparently the start of the tracks got cut off or something. Here is the re-rip with complete tracks (The "It's A Shame" instrumental starts on the vinyl (as it does here) slighty different than on the vocal versions)

Devin The Dude - It's A Shame Promo 12"

A1   It's A Shame (Radio)
         Featuring – Pooh Bear
A2   It's A Shame (Album)
         Featuring – Pooh Bear
A3   It's A Shame (Instrumental)
B1   Some Of Them (Radio)
         Featuring – Nas & Xzibit
B2   Some Of Them (Album)
         Featuring – Nas & Xzibit
B3   Some Of Them (Instrumental)

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

12" of the day: Flip Squad Allstars - Members Only

Flip Squad Allstars - Members Only Promo 12"

A1   Doo Wop - Members Only (Clean Version)
   Featuring - Don Blaq & Uneek
A2   Doo Wop - Members Only (Main Version)
   Featuring - Don Blaq & Uneek
A3   Doo Wop Members Only (Instrumental)
B1   Biz Markie - It's Da Biz (Main Version)
B2   Biz Markie - It's Da Biz (Instrumental)

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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Can-con Part 14

Brougham Camp - Let You Know Promo 12"

A1   Let You Know (Radio Edit)
A2   Let You Know (Instrumental)
A3   Let You Know (Acapella)
B1   Battle Scars (Radio Edit)
B2   Battle Scars (Instrumental)
B3   Battle Scars (Acapella)

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Choclair - Rubbin' 12"

A1   Rubbin' (Dirty)
         Featuring – Saukrates
A2   Rubbin' (Clean)
         Featuring – Saukrates
A3   Rubbin' (Instrumental)
B1    Young Gunz (Dirty)
         Featuring – Memphis Bleek
B2   Young Gunz (Clean)
         Featuring – Memphis Bleek
B3   Young Gunz (Instrumental)
B4   Young Gunz (Accapella)
         Featuring – Memphis Bleek

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Massari - Smile For Me Promo 12"

A1   Smile For Me (Album)
         Featuring – Loon
A2   Smile For Me (Instrumental)
A3   Smile For Me (Acapella)
         Featuring – Loon
B1   Be Easy (Album)
B2   Be Easy (Instrumental)
B3   Be Easy (Acapella)

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Mr. Roam From The Plant - System 12"

A1   System (Vegan)
A2   System (Carnivore)
A3   System (Instrumente)
B1   Psyko-Nitro Pt. II (Vegan)
B2   Psyko-Nitro Pt. II (Carnivore)
B3   Psyko-Nitro Pt. II (Instrumente)
B4   Luvovadu

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Psylent Yellers - Feelings 12"

A1   Feelings (Raw)
B1   Feelings (Cooked Radio)
B2   Feelings (Instrumental)

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Monday, April 6, 2015

12" of the day: Technical - Stress

Technical - Stress 12"

A1   Stress (Clean Edit)
A2   Stress (Raw)
A3   Stress (Instrumental)
B1   This Blunt (Clean Edit)
B2   This Blunt (Raw)
B3   This Blunt (Instrumental)

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Various ‎Artists - Longplayers Compilation

Longplayers Compilation

A1   Red 1 & Checkmate - Runnin' Gun
A2   Choclair - Mind That
A3   Concise - My Endeavors
A4   Brassmunk - Get Right (Bring It)
B1   Saukrates & Kardinal Offishall - Doin' It
B2   Frankie Ano & Thrust - So Fresh
B3   Swollen Members - Killin' Spree
B4   Obscure Disorder - Ridiculous
C1   Defenders Of The Faith - Metropolis
C2   Marvel - Throw This Ball
C3   Moka Only - Get Back
C4   Sazon Diamante & Don Primo - La Calle
D1   Free Agents - Clash Of The Titans
         Featuring – Kemo
D2   Solitair - No Doubt
D3   Fit - Whiplash (Headcrack)
D4   IRS - Manipulation

Come Get It

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Can-con Part 13

Sazon Diamante - Porsupuesto 12"

A1   Porsupuesto (Radio)
A2   Porsupuesto (Instrumental)
A3   Sign Of The Times (Dirty)
         Featuring – Concise
A4   Sign Of The Times (Instrumental)
B1   La Calle (Westsyde Rmx) (Radio)
         Featuring – Don Primo & Primero
B2   La Calle (Westsyde Remix Dirty)
         Featuring – Don Primo & Primero
B3   La Calle (Westsyde Remix Instrumental)
B4   La Calle (Westsyde Remix Acapella)
         Featuring – Don Primo & Primero

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Thrust - Emcee 12"

A1   Emcee
A2   Emcee (Instrumental)
B1   Emcee Pt. 2
B2   Emcee Pt. 2 (Instrumental)

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Various Artists - Planet Mars EP

A1   Solitair, Marvel & Choclair - Conversation
A2   Kardinal Offishall - Rhyme, Shine & Buss
         Featuring – YLook
A3   Nefarius - No Chorus
B1   Frankenstein - Lab Experiment 22
B2   Thrust - Emcee
B3   K-OS - Freestyle

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Maestro Fresh-Wes - Poppa 'Stro 12"

A1   Poppa 'Stro (Album Mix)
A2   Poppa 'Stro (Instrumental)
B1   Maestro - Glycerine (Album Mix)
B2   Ever Since (Da Grassroots Remix)
B3   Ever Since (Instrumental)

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Various ‎- Prime Time: The Original Soundtrack EP

A1   Land Mindz - Rapid Fire (The Hot Shit)
         Featuring – CheckMate & DJ Murtle
A2   Land Mindz - Rapid Fire (The Hot Shhh)
         Featuring – CheckMate & DJ Murtle
A3   All Sides - What I Got
A4   Crowned Royals - Rapper`s Reply
         Featuring – DJ Pluskratch
B1   BNB Construction Union - Lifetime Warranty
         Featuring – DJ Pluskratch
B2   Land Mindz - Silverlining aka The Evil In Men
B3   Universal - Pipe Dreams
         Featuring – Jeyez, Kesole & Johnny Cage
B4   Crowned Royals - Connect

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