Monday, November 30, 2009

More Twelve Inch Droppings

For that ass...

Skinnyman, Mongo & Chester P. - Lash Suttin' 12''
UK HOFers rhyming over Redman's "Smash Sumthin'"

Rick James - Loosey's Rap Remix 12''
The original Slick Rick with Shante & BDK!

Reflection Eternal - Back Again CDS
Nice to see these two together again...coulda been hotter

Rakim - Stay A While CDS
Includes dope remix of "The Saga Begins"

Mr. Complex - I'm Rhymin' 12''
Classic Complex

Mind Space - Life Is Foul 12''
Little known(?) record from Kool Keith's Funky Ass Records

Masters Of Illusion - Urban Legends 12''
Mighty Mi Remix + Inst included

Mama Mystique - Tremendous 12''
Featuring Q-Ball & Curt Cazal and remix

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Hard Work Emcees Pt. 1 - Vast Kramer

Not hard working. Hard work.

This post is dedicated to my friend Ari, who forced me to give Vast Aire a chance and introduced to the term "hard work emcee".

Some rappers say things like "We spend cheese, in the West Indies
Then come home to plenty cream Bentleys"

but others say things like "The last cat who tried to see me, he now gotta touch braille"
"I'm that voice in the back of LL's head saying "You gonna let a weed plant do that?" yeah, I like to instigate"

Vast Aire is type 2. He's a beast on the mic but even Two Hands would have trouble getting a club bouncing to Cannibal Ox.

Here are a bunch of singles Vast has guested on, so get out the headphones and give guy a couple listens - one's not gonna do it.

Ace Lover - Area Code 1(212) 12''

Masai Bey - Paper Mache 12''

Oddjobs - Dry Bones 12''

Push Button Objects - Fly 12''

RJD2 - The Horror 12''

Techno Animal - We Can Build You 7''

The Heliocentrics - Sirius B Remix 12''

The High & Mighty - Take It Off 12''

The Majesticons - Majestwest 12''

The Presence - Woke 12''

Diverse - Big Game CDS

El-P - Dead Disnee 12''

Breez Evahflowin' - Give It Away 12''

Def Jux - Legendary Freestyles EP

Vast Aire - Da Supafriendz Remix 7''

Dutchmassive - The Ego Has Landed 12"

T-One - The Bedtime Single 12"

Loer Velocity - Break Out 12"

Ooops...sorry, Def Jux wants you to pay for their shit, so no links this time :(

Monday, November 23, 2009

Death of L.O.L

This is a funny remix by Farma G from the UK of the Jay-Z Tune.

Big up the Music from the corner blog. Farma G n Chesaches two of my long time idols.

For Drew who is finally feeling the UK Hip Hop.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Foreign Bangers

Fine, I admit it. Some UK hip-hop is ok.

I'm really feeling the Foreign Beggars & Guilty Simpson track featured on DJ Two Hands hot new mix "The Game Is Rigged", so I did some searching for some other Beggars stuff. I'm hard at work on a new mix so haven't given it all a thorough listen yet, but so far it gets the much sought after thumbs up from the Drizzle.

So well done, Dan - the Chesmonster might even show up on the new mix!

Foreign Beggars - Crypt Drawl EP

A1 Ode To Julie
A2 Crypt Drawl (Road) f/ Anik
A3 Beatflow Freakshow (Radio)
A4 On A Winter's Day (Radio)

Foreign Beggars - In It For A Minute 12''
A1 In It For A Minute f/ Graziella
A2 In It For A Minute (Instrumental)
A3 Black Hole Prophecies (Instrumental)
B1 Black Hole Prophecies (Jehst's Wild Wild East Remix)
B2 Black Hole Prophecies (DJ Vadim Original Mix)
B3 Black Hole Prophecies (Jehst's Wild Wild Eastrumental)

Foreign Beggars - Let Go 12''
A1 Let Go f/ Graziella & Wildchild
A2 Million Skill March f/ Dr. Syntax & Wildchild
A3 Cryin' Shame f/ Dr. Syntax
B1 Let Go (Dagstrumental)
B2 Million Skill March (Dagstrumental)
B3 Cryin' Shame (Dagstrumental)

Foreign Beggars - Seasons Beatings 12''

A1 Coded Rhythm Talk (Radio) f/ Task Force
A2 Evil Dr Hip Hop (Radio) f/ Dark Circle
A3 Dark Parts (Dirty)
B1 Dark Parts (Radio)
B2 Coded Rhythm Talk (Instrumental)
B3 Dark Parts (Instrumental)
B4 Coded Rhythm Talk (Accapella) f/ Task Force

Foreign Beggars - Slow Broiled Ilk EP
1 Slow Broiled Ilk f/ Oh No
2 Backdraft (Clean)
3 Hot Plate f/ Dubbledge
4 Slow Broiled Ilk (Clean)
5 Hot Plate (Clean) f/ Dubbledge

Foreign Beggars - Where Did The Sun Go 12''
A1 Where Did The Sun Go (Clean) f/ Anik & Tommy Evans
A2 Where Did The Sun Go (Instrumental)
A3 Pisstake Pictures (Instrumental)
B1 Pisstake Pictures (Dirty)
B2 Pisstake Pictures (Clean)
B3 Pisstake Pictures (Accapella)

Foreign Beggars & Noisia - Contact CDS
A1 Contact
A2 Shake It
B1 Contact (Noisia Remix)

And a little bonus:

Diversion Tactics - Dollars & Pence EP
A1 Pounds & Cents f/ Al-Shid, Huggy Bear & J-Zone
A2 Anecdote f/ Huggy Bear
A3 Militant f/ Al-Shid
B1 Pounds & Cents (Clean) f/ Al-Shid, Huggy Bear & J-Zone
B2 Pounds & Cents (Instrumental)
B3 Anecdote (Instrumental)
B4 Militant (Instrumental)

Diversion Tactics - No Consukuences 7''
A1 No ConsUKuences
B1 No ConsUKuences (Instrumental)


Since my man Two Hands is apparently a get-it-while-it's-hot kinda guy:

Gravediggaz - 1-800-Suicide 12''

Gravediggaz - Diary Of A Madman 12''

Gravediggaz - Diggin' Up The Future EP

Gravediggaz - Double Suicide Pack EP

Gravediggaz - Mommy, What's A Gravedigga Remix 12''

Gravediggaz - Unexplained 12''

Milk - Never Dated EP

Milk - Spam 12''

...and another re-up right here

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Don't Be Lactarded

Here's a quick mix I hooked up recently, thought I'd do something a little different this time. This is my first go at a "themed" mix, which I'm usually not a fan of, but this time it's lovely.

Errr...except you'll have to excuse the quality of the Hurricane G track. It was ripped from a cassette recording of a Stretch & Bobbito show and apparently the only recording, but waaaay to dope to exclude. Hopefully the Green-Eyed Bandit has it in the vaults somewhere...

Anyways, in honor of my sisters and other lactards everywhere,

Sorry Dan, your boy Milk D didn't make it - what can I say, it's mostly tha voice

Milkshake (Remix) f/ Pharrell & Pusha T - Kelis
Guns & Butter - C-Rayz Walz
The Milky Lowa f/ Camp-Lo - 9th Wonder
Be Happy (Bad Boy Butter Mix) f/ Keith Murray - Mary J. Blige
No Bones In Ice Cream - Nice & Smooth
Quite Buttery f/ MF DOOM - Count Bass D
C.R.E.A.M. (Instrumental) - El Michels Affair
C.R.E.A.M. - Wu-Tang Clan
Cookies & Cream - Screwball
How Ya Like It (Sour Milk Mix) - Miilkbone
Butter - A Tribe Called Quest
Death Becomes You (Philadelphia Cream Cheese Mix) f/ YG'z - Pete Rock & CL Smooth
Chuck Cheese - Organized Konfusion
Milky f/ Erick Sermon & Redman - Hurricane G
Lactose & Lecithin - Viktor Vaughn
Milk 'Em (Benny Cassette Version) f/ Trife & Tara Ellis - Ghostface Killah
Say Cheese - J-Live
Blue Cheese (U-N-I-Verse-All) - UMC's
Fudge Pudge f/ O.C. - Organized Konfusion
Milky Cereal - LL Cool J
Kon Queso - MF DOOM
Cheese Factory f/ Copywrite - The High & Mighty
Similak Child (Remix) - Black Sheep
Milk f/ Busta Rhymes & KRS-One - Young Zee
Cold Rock A Party (Milk Remix) - MC Lyte
Milk The Cow f/ Method Man - Cappadonna
Ice Cream f/ Cappadonna, Method Man & Ghostface Killah - Raekwon

Hot butter on what say what the popcorn

Monday, November 16, 2009

Big Daddy Thang!

Some of my friends from the UK might think of this one when I talk about big daddy!

Other more North American friends may think of this big daddy.

However, rapnerds will know that there is only one Big Daddy. Big Daddy Kane.

Unlike any rappers before him and unmatched to this day. BDK is a hero to the rap nerds. He defined a whole part of my childhood. While I could never manage to quite pull off the high top fade, when I got mad shapes shaved in my hair it was for Mr Kane. If only he knew how much I tried to be like him. Not alone, Kane was a huge influence on most of my friends.

When I meet new nerds these days, I don't judge them, but I always ask what they think of the Big Daddy to get a general idea of how our friendship is gonna pan out. Perhaps the 18th letter had as much e.f.f.e.c.t on me as a little nerd, but Kane had mad swagger.

There is a lot of debate about which album was the best. However, I have gone with the first three albums because they were the dope ones and i didn't listen to the later ones as I didn't want my image of The Big Daddy to be tarnished. The first one, Long Live The Kane is the one I have listen to the most. The hard rhymes and beats really define classic Hip Hop for me. The second was a little more hit and miss but still heads and shoulders above the competition. the third one, Taste of Chocolate was one I listened to less but it has grown on me in my latter years (Big Shout to Sean for reminding me about this nugget).

I dedicate this to two of my most loved and respected nerds.

  • CAP
  • Mr Oddjob Pady

This goes out to you!

The first LP was a killer.

Long Live the Kane.


1. Long Live the Kane
2. Raw [Remix]
3. Set It Off
4. Day You're Mine
5. On the Bugged Tip
6. Ain't No Half Steppin'
7. I'll Take You There
8. Just Rhymin' With Biz
9. Mister Cee's Master Plan
10. Word to the Mother (Land)


The second was Ill.

It's a Big Daddy Thing


1. It's a Big Daddy Thing
2. Another Victory
3. Mortal Combat
4. Children R the Future
5. Young, Gifted and Black
6. Smooth Operator
7. Calling Mr. Welfare
8. Wrath of Kane [Live]
9. I Get the Job Done
10. Ain't No Stoppin' Us Now
11. Pimpin' Ain't Easy
12. Big Daddy's Theme
13. To Be Your Man
14. House That Cee Built
15. On the Move
16. Warm It Up, Kane
17. Rap Summary (Lean on Me) [Remix]


The third was smooth

Taste of Chocolate


1. Taste Of Chocolate (Intro)
2. Cause I Can Do It Right
3. It's Hard Being The Kane
4. Who Am I
5. Dance With The Devil
6. No Damn Good
7. All Of Me
8. Keep 'Em On The Floor
9. Mister Pitiful
10. Put Your Weight On It
11. Big Daddy Vs. Dolemite
12. Down The Line
13. Taste Of Chocolate (Exit)


Big thanks to for the 320 links! Much love.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Microphone Fiends

As a teacher at Tainan Girls High School I feel I get to e.f.f.e.c.t the future of Taiwan's movers and shakers. Most of my course is an attempt to get my students to think outside the box and step away from their test-based life. I confess that sometimes I do things more for my enjoyment than their English learning.

We make movies with the kids every year and this serves as a fantastic way for them to dabble with the concept of creative expression. The movies they make are great and they seem to have a lot of fun making them. However, as the students move to the second grade there is a lot of pressure from teachers and parents alike to concentrate on tests and test results. Hence, time 'wasted' on doing silly video projects that take up many sleepless nights is seen as an ine.f.f.e.c.tive use of their time.

This semester I told the kids we were still gonna do a video project of some kind but that we couldn't do movies due to complaints from the powers above. They were the first to suggest the idea of doing a music video. My ears pricked up as I imagined the Hype Williams style video we could make.

To cut a medium length story to a fair size, we ended up doing a video for Eric B and Rakim's immortal classic 'Microphone Fiend'. This has been a favorite song of mine for years an it has very little profanity so it was the ideal choice! It was that or La Di Da Di by Slick Rick but the 'with your wrinkled pussy, I can not be your loverrrrrrrrr' lyric made me go for the Eric B and Rakim joint.

It was simple. I told them to learn the lyrics, no mean feat, as they are not rap nerds like us. Then shoot some sections of the song for the video. Play the song when you are filming so I can edit it in time to the music. Only two groups did this making my editing job next to impossible. I also told them to find good places on the school campus to film and to take a few different takes of the same sections so I could edit them together. Get some clothes and props for the shoot I told them. The results I must say are quite fantastic and hilarious at times.

Here is the magic, please forgive the lack of lip sync at points.